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Bling - A - Ring

March 05th 2020 by Jessica Mar

From Traditional to Dazzle, let’s take a look a just a few ways you can “bling” your solitaire ring.


The Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring

A style that has lasted the test of time, this design is always a crowd pleaser and has been the world’s favourite engagement ring design since its creation. This iconic setting features a singular round brilliant cut diamond supported by 6 (or 4) elegant claws and “knife-edge” plain gold band.

Personalize your way by switching the centre diamond for a different shape, utilize the various metal options and combinations available, play with the prong tip style (Ie. Round beads, Pointed/Claw tip, Double claw), select the thickness and shape of the band (be bold with a thick flat band OR for a more delicate look, opt for a rounded thin band).


Popular Solitaire Engagement Ring with shoulder diamonds

Possibly the most popular option for women who love a bit of sparkle, this design features a prominent solitaire diamond supported by small diamonds (either channel or claw) set half way down the band.

Personalize your way by matching flattering diamond shape combinations (Emerald cut centre diamond with alternating baguette and princess cut shoulder diamonds), explore the different types of shoulder settings (Channel, Pave, Bead, Scallop, fishtail, hammer set), Get fancy with your centre setting (Prong, Cathedral, Bezel, Tension set)

Hidden Sparkle Solitaire Engagement Ring with shoulder and basket/under-rail diamonds

A growing trend is the hidden ’basket’ & ‘under-rail’ diamonds. Similar to the solitaire with shoulders, this variation has delicate hidden diamonds set underneath the solitaire as well as shoulder diamonds extending ¾ of the way down the band (leaving a sizing section at the bottom)

  • Under rail: The horizontal support on selected setting styles.
  • Basket: The vertical support that secures the solitaire.

Consult your designer to determine which of these fine details are available for your bespoke creation.


Everlasting Love Solitaire Eternity Band Engagement Ring

It’s hard to say no to going ‘all the way’ with this fan favourite. Extending the solitaire with shoulders design this variation has a single row of pave set diamonds running the entirety of the way around the outside of the band, top it off with your hand chosen centre-piece in the desired metal colour and you have a WINNER!

With little room for error this design option is best made with 100% confidence OR as a couple, the reason being that once made this design is difficult to alter/resize.

Find your finger size instore and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Triple the Bling Solitaire Engagement ring with all angles eternity band

If diamonds are truly your best friend this is the ring for you.

Now we come to the ultimate solitaire diamond ring, jam packed with as much dazzle and bling we can fit. Your chosen solitaire diamond shape sits atop a glamorous 3 sided diamond adorned eternity band meticulously claw set.

Personalize your way by changing the diamond colour of the side bands (pink or yellow diamonds, explore various setting types (claw, bead, pave, channel)

Consult your designer for other gemstone options, as hardness and durability need to be factored in)


Final tips; Don’t be afraid to mix, match and add your own personal touch/flare to these styles, think outside the box and challenge your designers to help you create something truly spectacular.


Got inspired?
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