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June Birthstone - Pearls

July 04th 2017 by Jessica Mar

“Pearls are always appropriate” - Jackie Kennedy

You said it Jackie, Pearls maybe Junes birthstone but they are an elegant accessory all year round, in fact they love being worn. The natural oils from our skin help keep this precious organic gemstones lustrous, hydrated and looking fabulous. They do require tender loving care and occasional re-stringing but if well-looked after, your pearls can stay in your family for generations to come.

There are different types of pearls such as South Sea Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, Akoya Pearls and Freshwater Pearls.

South Sea Pearl Strand & South Sea Pearl & Diamond Earrings


DO Show them off every chance you get and when they come off for the evening, gently wipe them with a soft dry cloth before storing them in a separate compartment or draw of your jewellery box.

DON’T wear your precious pearl jewellery when you swim or bathe; they are “living” absorbent organisms that expand and contract when immersed in liquid. As a result, this can stretch your strands, discolour, dull or damage your pearls or (in the case of most earrings) weaken the delicate adhesive connecting your pearl to the metal and increasing the odds of losing it completely.

Colours / Varieties
White, Black, Golden, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Chocolate, Multi-Coloured
Chemical Composition:
Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)
Mohs scale of hardness:
2.5 – 4.5
Bond Street Jewellers Loves South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls
                                                    South Sea Pearl and Diamond Earrings
South Sea Pearl & Diamond Earrings
BSJ Style: BSJD1030
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