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Bespoke Design Process

A Bespoke piece of jewellery is a design crafted by Bond Street Jewellers to tell your own story. As each design is unique we tailor the design process to suit meet individual needs and requirements.

Here we have documented our standard step-by step design process to give you an idea of what you can expect throughout your bespoke journey. An unforgettable experience that is unique and personal to you.                                  

Step One

Private Design Consultation - Ideas & Inspirations

The Bespoke journey begins with your first scheduled private consultation with a Bond Street Jewellers consultant, where you will discuss your inspirations, ideas & any specifications. In addition you will view a selection of diamonds &/or gemstones from the Bond Street Jewellers collection. Education is an integral part of the Bond Street Jewellers customer service philosophy. Throughout your Bespoke journey your Jewellery consultant will offer Knowledge & experience while guiding you into the world of gemstones, providing you with fundamental gemmological tools ensuring you have a sound understanding of your selected gem and the properties that solidify its brilliance.

Bespoke Design Process - Step 1


Step Two

Bringing your Bespoke Design To Life

If you choose to commission Bond Street Jewellers for your Bespoke Piece, our design team will consider your ideas, inspirations & discussion from the initial consultation. Based on these insights we will provide visuals of your design which will be a representation of how your Bespoke piece will look. The design can then be fine-tuned based on your feedback.

Bespoke Design Process - Step 2


Step Three

Handcrafting your Bespoke piece in our Sydney workshop

Once you have signed off on your design we will begin handcrafting your jewellery piece in our workshop in Sydney. Bond Street Jewellers highly skilled jewellers will ensure your design is meticulously crafted. We have been handcrafting Bespoke jewellery for over 40 years and are dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship.

Bespoke Design Process - Step 3


Step Four

The Reveal

Once your jewellery has been beautifully finished you will be invited to collect your Handcrafted Bespoke jewellery piece. Your exciting Bespoke journey ends with a totally unique piece of jewellery that will be your forever.

Bespoke Design Process - Step 4


If you have any questions or wish to arrange a complimentary consultation please contact our Bespoke team.